My Bucket List

I thought it would be cool to compile a list of things/ places I’ve always wanted to do and experience. As I continue to travel, I will use this checklist as an awesome reminder of all the cities/countries that I have been fortunate enough to go to and all the places I have yet to visit =). I encourage all of you to make your own!


1) Visit Italy

2) Visit Brazil

3) Go to Disney Parks all over the world ( Kinda, Went to Euro Disney, still want to go to tokyo Disney and Shanghai)

4) Swim in the dead sea

5) Go to Jerusalem

6) Do a solo backpacking trip

7) Swim with dolphins 

8) See the Eiffel Tower

9) Zip-line through the rainforest (Costa Rica)

10) Visit the Pyramids of Egypt

11) Volunteer Abroad 

12) Go to Patagonia

13) Scuba Dive (Hawaii)

14) Visit Bali

15) Watch the ball drop in Times Square, NYC for New Years 

16) Go to Greece

17) Experience the Northern Lights in Finland

18) Visit Platform 9 3/4’s in King’s Cross Station in London

19) Swim with elephants

20) See the Taj Mahal

21) Check out Machu Picchu

22)Go zorbing in New Zealand

23) Go to the World Cup

24) Visit the Fern Forest in Jamaica

25) See the Sagrada Familia Cathedral in Barcelona 

26) Watch a  Barca or Real Madrid game live in Spain

27)  Witness the Monarch Butterflies migration to the Oyamel Forests in Mexico

28) Visit the Waterfall Castle in Poland

29) Go to Cuba

30) Take a tour to the glowworm caves in New Zealand

31) Attend a floating lantern festival in Thailand

31) Attend the Holi Festival in India

32) Go to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

33) Kayak through a bioluminescent bay (Puerto Rico)

34) Hike a volcano (Costa Rica)

35) Go on the “Walk of Faith ” glass walkway in China

36) Learn to Surf (Costa Rica)

37) Go to Berlin and Munich

38) Visit the Crocosaurus Cove in Australia (swim with crocs!)

39) Take a dip in the Pink Lake in Australia

40) Go on a Safari adventure in Africa

41) Check out Amsterdam 

42) Go to an Ice Bar (Barcelona)



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