About Me

My name is Karla =)


Believer. Adventurer. Avid foodie and overall life enthusiast. I first fell in love with travel when I ventured off to Portugal for a summer on my own in high school.  It was, and remains such a cherished experience and it has prompted me to continue to explore countries all around the world. I have a bachelors degree in International Business  and am currently obtaining my MBA with a concentration in strategic leadership in developing and emerging markets. I love all things international, impactful and inspiring. I am passionate about experiencing  different cultures, tasting various foreign cuisines and meeting individuals from all around the world. Follow me as I document the beautiful, the ugly, the devastating, the life-changing, the breathtaking and the extraordinary moments of exploration and adventure. 

Before an elephant riding adventure in Bali!

 Why Do I Travel?

Travel isn’t easy.  I refuse to pretend that it’s all glitzy and glamorous like some bloggers make it out to be.Yet I’ve never once regretted any trip….

I believe that  growth emerges from a constant fear of personal stagnation and that change is the result of an aversion to comfort. And so, I travel to come to self realizations that I may not necessarily like, but NEED to know… I travel to grow spiritually, emotionally, to be inspired, regain appreciation AND to overcome. Travel for me, is an essential part of living. It breaks any ignorance and arrogance that I unknowingly possessed. It strengthens me. Travel isn’t easy. It stretches us. It tests our patience, our confidence, our willingness and our ability to handle uncomfortable situations.  Yet these troublesome challenges produce something within us that routine never can. They makes us resourceful and teach us how to endure. I’ve also learned about the importance of perspective.. “how attitude can turn any ordeal into an adventure” (unknown).

Oneof my favorite authors, Paulo Coelho,  stated it best: “Instead of settling for mediocrity, travel enables you to understand that deep in your unconscious mind, there is someone much more interesting and adventurous…  someone much more open to the world and new experiences. You realize that your old ‘self’ is filled with many more capabilities, than you ever perceived yourself to have,  in the face of new challenges.”

photo 4 (1)
Volunteering at an indigenous village in the Peruvian Amazon

Therefore,  I travel to better myself: A lifelong process that I choose to spend in constant exploration, continually learning.

Swimming with dolphins in Hawaii!
photo 2-13 copy 2
At an Indian Wedding in Bali with my gorgeous cousin

Countries I’ve been to:

1. Mexico

2. Portugal

3. Costa Rica

4. Brazil

5. Uruguay

6. Argentina

7. The Dominican Republic

8. Technically not a country, but Puerto Rico 

9. Spain

10. France

11. The Netherlands

12. Germany 

13. Indonesia

14. Italy

15. Peru

16. Thailand 

“Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, ‘Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?’ And I said, ‘Here i am, send me.'” Isaiah 6:8



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